The Equalizer


So, they've brought back "The Equalizer" and in true woke fashion the lead character, an older white guy called Robert McCall has been replaced with a black woman
called Robyn McCall.

Why have they done this? It just makes no sense to me at all.

Now, before you call "Waycism!" on this one, let's look at the history of The Equalizer.

The original series which ran in the mid to late 80s over 4 seasons saw Edward Woodward as the main character; a character with a past but also firmly in the shadows.

McCall was the person people could go to when they had problems. And not problems like not being able to open a jar of jam but real problems like being pestered by gangs
and such like.

It worked well because the lead actor was an age that fitted the character.

"But why does he have to be white?" I hear you say.

(Actually, I think that's Tinnitus)

The Equalizer

Roll on to the 2010s and they've made 2 Equalizer movies featuring Denzel Washington as McCall. Both GOOD movies I should state.

So it's not the colour of the lead role that's an issue for me, it's the gender.

I'm sorry but McCall's character just doesn't lend itself to a female playing the role.

"Oh, sexist now then?"

(That Tinnitus again)

Not at all. But let's get some perspective here, you simply can't shoehorn someone of a particular gender into a role that should be played by someone of the opposite sex.

You wouldn't take Jessica Fletcher from "Murder She Wrote", replace her with "Jeremy Fletcher" and change the show to "Murder He Wrote" would you?

You wouldn't have a male actor playing HRH The Queen in "The Crown".

Why not create a whole new TV show instead rather than taking an existing idea and dumping on it from a great height?

Some characters should be a particular gender, colour or sexuality and shouldn't be tinkered with, it's simple as that.

Remember when the Feminazi's wanted a female Indiana Jones and George Lucas suggested creating an "Indiana Jane" instead?

What the fuck is that? It doesn't even work! Indiana is the character's FIRST name not surname. You can't replace Jones with Jane and it just work.

Fucking nutters.

Anyway, back to The Equalizer.

In this new woke world of TV there's a good chance that Robyn McCall will be a lesbian, and there's a good chance she'll have a white girlfriend.

All the TV shows are getting the same now.

You might wonder if I have heeded my own advice from the GB News article and not commenting before I've seen the show?

I have indeed seen about 30 minutes of the first episode. What I can tell you is Queen Latifah is a terrible actress and the show is absolute dogs cock.

The Equalizer, more like The Equalitizer.

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