More TV reboots for 2021

Continuing the trend of bringing back TV shows for the 2020's sees a reboot of "Doogie Howser, MD"

Except it's not Doogie Howser now, because being a straight white male is something that's not allowed on TV anymore.

Nope, enter:

doogie k

Doogie Kamealoha, MD instead.

Yes, of course!  It's a girl.  And she's not white.  Nooo.  That would be sacrilege.

She's Hawaiian instead.

But still called Doogie, because otherwise how would we know it was a reboot?  It's like rebooting Indiana Jones but keeping the first name and changing the surname to Jane or Ongabonga.

And then, they remade that 90s tea time classic "The Wonder Years"

the wonder years

And of course!  It's a black family.  Nobody wants to see whitey on TV anymore.

I must admit though, I'm surprised that there isn't a white husband or wife in this but then again it is American; they don't seem to subscribe to that mixed race family nonsense that us Brits seem to be bombarded with in every TV show and advert these days.


You might be surprised to learn they've done a remake of "The Darling Buds of May"...  

larkins 1 larkins 2 


Look at this evil!  "The Larkins", it's actually an old fashioned white family!  Oh my god.  How has this managed to get through?

There appears to be no mixed race family nonsense, regardless of what might have gone (or most definitely not) at the time it is set and there doesn't appear to be a child desperately struggling with their gender identity or sexuality.  Perfick.