X-Factor, is this really prime time TV?

X-Factor and its predecessors have been gracing our screens for the best part of 15 years now, and I still don't understand why.

Reality TV started in earnest with Big Brother and Pop Idol and it hasn't really gone away, despite it never really getting any better!

Pop Idol turned into Pop Stars: The Rivals and then along came X-Factor in the same format which was basically, get a load of talentless tossers on TV, fawn over them, rig a public vote for the final and then ensure the Christmas Number 1 is the winner, despite the quality of the song being from the toilet.

I just don't understand how this passes for prime time television.  In the 80's the closest we had to X-Factor was "New Faces" with Marti Caine on a Friday night.  It was an hour long, lasted about 6 weeks and that was enough.

There were no "New Faces Offs", nor did Nina Myskow have a spin-off show designed to get viewers to ring a telephone number to make ITV even more  money.

It was just a plain old talent show.

While some of the acts on it weren't brilliant, the fact the show lasted just an hour was enough.  It wasn't pushed to the media, there were no stupid newspaper headlines made up about it and while the singles charts have been manipulated since the 70's there was no pushing the winner so hard across every media outlet that you were sick of the name of them within a week.

However, my point isn't to big up New Faces, it's to compare what we have now with what we had in "the olden days".  I still honestly cannot believe that people think this is what should be entertaining us on a Saturday night, for hours on end!  If ITV tried to do with New Faces what they've done with X-Factor in the 80's there would have been hell on, but for the last 15 years it seems that people are sheep and just accept what is on TV.

Turn on ITV, see it's X-Factor, leave the channel on... Why?!

Why not find something else to watch?  People have become sheep purely by being so lazy and sticking with what's on TV!  It's a fucking singing contest taking up your Saturday night, every fucking week.


You're allowing yourself to get drawn in to an argument that doesn't really exist!  "Oh I can't believe Simon Cowell said that", really?  You don't think he's a cock because he wants you to keep watching?

Same goes for BBC with Strictly.  Why?  In this day and age what was essentially a Ballroom Dancing contest late on a Thursday night on BB2 has become prime time viewing for some.

You are watching a dancing competition with a load of bell ends, what the fuck are you doing?

Can't blame the BBC and ITV for sticking with it, after all you are making them millions of pounds each year texting in and ringing voting lines, they're going to stick with the format - but that is not what the majority of people really want to watch, is it?

Where are the variety shows of old?  Have a singer perform their latest song, get a comedian on, hell get a bloody ventriloquist on but for fucks sake stop using the public as guinea pigs to launch another "Pop Star" who will be finished within the year because they can't sing, have a massive cocaine problem and it turns out they're shagging their sister.

Wake up people!  Watch something real!