TV and Movie cliches part 2

Following on from my previous rant about TV and Movie clichés I have a few more to add.



Time goes slowly on the silver screen. 

There’s many a time bomb with only a minute to go whose second countdown have turned into minutes.

And of course, as each second counts down it has to beep loudly.   The beep is so loud that it would have been impossible for the bomb to have been placed without someone noticing.

And as the last 10 seconds turns into 10 minutes, it’s diffused just in time, with 1 second (or should that be 1 minute?) to spare.

Phew, you made it just in time!



Doctors know everything, all the time.

There’s usually one who knows sod all because they’re having “issues” with sleep, drink, drugs or stamp collecting.

But that’s fine, because he comes Nurse Nancy, who knows every procedure, disease, condition and new ground-breaking technique even though she’s just a bog nurse who used to work at Hooters.

With every experienced moody old Doctor is a cocky young Doctor who has just graduated from “Med school” with a point to prove.

No emergency procedure can be carried out in A&E without a Doctor describing the exact procedure that is going to be taking place and why, despite the patient being dead for the last 5 minutes.

I’m no Doctor (don’t tell anyone) but when there’s been no pulse for a good 5 minutes then you suddenly bring your patient back to life I’m sure there’s usually a quite a high chance there’s some level of brain damage as the brain has been starved of oxygen for so long.

Not on TV though, they wake up immediately, usually with a gasp and are seen tap dancing minutes later.



Only in America do they have thunder and lightning together at the same time.

Now, I’ve never been to the good ol US of A but I’m sure their weather isn’t a special kind that can’t be experienced anywhere else on the planet?

Usually when we have thunder and lightning they are moments, sometimes minutes apart.  But in America on TV when it lightens there is an almighty crash or explosion that accompanies it.

When it lightens in real life it’s usually silent, maybe you get a “click” sound, not a great big explosion!

Naturally, in America the thunder and lightning is ALWAYS accompanied by the biggest downpour of rain you’ve ever seen.

It never rains on its own, it’s impossible to rain without thunder and lightning.