I've been a big fan of Gogglebox since it started.  Or should I say, when I became aware of it half way though series 1.

Back then it was genuinely funny, had some really funny people on and it was one of the few programmes I watched live.

These days though, it's absolute drivel.

The people they have on it are all coached in what to say.  It's funny that they only seem to have a go at Boris or the Tories.

You're honestly telling me that none of the people on it vote Tory or any other party?  Not even the posh ones?

Fuck off!

And what's worse, certain individuals seem to get away with making fairly slanderous comments.  Take for example an episode I watched on Friday night.  I'm about 3 weeks behind but it featured that woman who Boris is supposed to have been bonking (to quote The Sun) and whom he gave a contract to.

Now, I don't know if that's true or not and frankly I don't really give a shit as it goes on everywhere not just in politics, however, one comment in particular struck me.

I think it was from one of those vacuous bints from Leeds who said, "Boris has got women all over".

Really?  That is quite slanderous really.

Again, I don't really know if Boris is what's known in the trade as an "Absolute boy" but if he's not shagging around with Ali and Sandy (see what I did there?) then there's a possible case there.

I wonder how much Channel 4 put aside for potential court cases, and with it being publicly funded are they really allowed to behave like that?

Up until a couple of years ago there was an old fella on it called Leon.  Proper staunch Labour supporter, would often refer to any Tory as a "dickhead".  Which is fine, calling someone names is alright in my book.  But when they're making more inflammatory remarks or suggesting corruption etc then that pushes the boundaries.

It's clearly in the name of humour, and the people on it are told what to watch so they have no choice in the matter but it's gone from being a witty show to Channel 4 pushing an anti-Brexit, anti-Tory propaganda which I think is wrong.

That is NOT entertainment, it's boring, dull and been done to death by Mock the Week for the last 3 years.


This week it emerged that TV legend Windsor Davies had passed away.

Davies, most famous for his role in the BBC Comedy "It ain't half hot, Mum" hasn't been on TV for a number of years, in fact it came as something of a surprise as I assumed he'd passed away in the Great Passing of 2016.

But something struck me this week, remember back in the olden days when an actor died, there would be a few days of immediate repeats of some of their hit films or shows?

This doesn't seem to happen anymore, why?

Is it because the TV channels don't care?  It is because they'd rather earn money from shit singing competitions or faked drama on dancing shows?

Maybe we could have a new channel that is on air just for a couple of days following the passing of a star?

It's enough to get us all nostalgic about "It ain't 'half hot, Mum" isn't it?  

Although, I'm sure there will be someone who will complain that it's racist and homophobic, so we'll have to settle for some grainy VHS copy on Youtube instead.

It's not like the show was set to offend people, it wasn't and it's from a different era; should that stop us from having a little nostalgic look back at someone's career?

So what next then?  Aside appearing in some of the Carry On films (which definitely aren't on a ban list, yet!), he starred in the antique shop sitcom "Never the Twain".

Strange premise for a TV show really, although not as bad as French Fields.

So let's get some episodes of that on our new channel, I'd forgotten just how nasally Donald Sinden was. (He's dead by the way, don't go adding him to your Dead Pool).

And finally, let's finish off with a few episodes of 80's puppet based show, Terrahawks where Davies played Zeroid, Sgt Major Zero.

sgt major zeroWe really should go back to the old days of just getting some old TV shows signed up ready for when we lose another legend from our screens.

When you compare what is constantly shown such as the drivel the ITV channels have on there has to be a market for it!

I saw a trailer the other day for a reboot of the 80s TV series, "Magnum PI".

I was never a massive fan of the original show which featured Tom Selleck, the best bits being the theme tune and the Ferrari. However, one thing struck me is that it seems to have fallen foul of a recent trend when it comes to TV, removal of the "white man".

Thomas Magnum, originally played by a white man in Tom Selleck has been replaced by Jay Hernandez - a man of Mexican origin.

Higgins, originally played by John Hillerman is now a lady. I don't mean Higgins is trans (that I know of!). Hillerman died last year so they'd be hard pushed to get him back for the role, but instead of using another guy of similar traits they've gone for a woman instead.

Finally, the other constantly recurring character, helicopter pilot TC, who is a black man has been replaced by, well, a black man.

And here's where I have a, well, "problem" isn't the word because it doesn't bother as such but it's an issue if the trend continues. Two white male characters have been changed to either a different "colour" or gender, and that's presumably OK but the black guy stays as a black guy because it would probably be classed as racism to make TC be white or chinese?

Why do they insist on doing this in TV and films now? Higgins' character is a male character, it doesn't lend itself to a woman, so why does it have to be a woman now? It's almost like there's some kind of quota that has to be filled for every show instead of having gender / colour specific shows which seems perfectly normal to me.

It also makes it a bit more believable doesn't it? Having a mixture of genders and races in some shows just feels a bit forced like I mentioned the other week regarding The Walking Dead.

It's difficult to explain the situation without being called a racist, fascist, bigoted, sexist, transphobe - the standard insults of the Snowflake Generation, anyone who disagrees with their idealism even though it doesn't feel right.

Like I said, I was never a huge fan of the original show in the first place, but there are more and more reboots of old shows and films these days, and each time they're messing with the cast and characters.

If we're expected to believe the characters then the right actors should be cast in the first place, rather than having to fill some gender and race quota - I actually think that's more offensive than anything. Imagine the thinking behind the show, "Well, the original has 2 white guys as the main characters, we'd better change that so it doesn't upset anyone".

How long until they bring back Knight Rider, but Michael Knight is replaced by a trans woman called Michaela Knight? And instead of fighting crime she's fighting for the rights of LGBT?

Manimal shall return but the lead character is a lady, so it's called Womanimal. And instead of changing into animals to help fight crime or assist others she instead turns into organic vegan produce?

American TV has always been that little bit more far fetched than other countries, so if you want us to believe the premise and storylines of the shows then stop pandering to bed wetting minorities who will never be happy with anything as their goal in life is to make everyone else as unhappy as them.

This week I've called time on "The Walking Dead".

I'd mentioned before that it had jumped the shark but I persevered for a bit longer.

This week's episode was enough to push me over the edge and officially stop watching.

But there's another side to the show that I thought was a bit weird; all the relationships in the show are now either multi-racial or LGBT.

Now, before you all start calling me some kind of redneck, bigot, fascist, nazi etc. I'm not actually bothered about that in real terms.

I've written articles recently which feature people's sexuality and I'm really not bothered in the slightest what people do.

But, it kind of feels that TV shows go out of their way to have these couples in a show who probably would never have gotten together.

It's not a race thing, but looking at TWD for example, Carol is with Ezekiel.  With her background she'd never have been with him.

Rick's character would never have seen him with Micchone, likewise with Rosita and Gabe.

They are all totally different characters, why put them together like couples for the sake of it?  It's like they're trying to meet a quota.

As if Rosita would be with Gabe.  Gabe's a priest, in real life he'd be too busy trying to get Judith to sit on his knee or finding ways to abuse Henry.

As I say, in the real world I could not care less if couples of different faiths, religions or colour get together.  It happens, there's nothing wrong with that, but TWD seems to just focus on that in such an odd way.

Which leads me on to the new Hive radio advert.  Have you heard it?  

It features a woman talking about being at her child's football match.  But of course it features the line "...and as you're stood there watching your daughter smash the ball in the net you realise, you can't feel your toes".

Why does it HAVE to be the daughter?  I'm not questioning girls playing football.  My own daughter has just started rugby, what I don't understand is the need for adverts to be different.

It's almost like the left are geared up ready to pounce in case it was an advert about boys playing football.  Let's face it, more boys than girls play it, boys is just the natural default.  It's got nothing to do with gender politics and political correctness.

Going out of their way to be different just sticks out like a sore thumb. 

I don't mean they're after some decent coke or anything like that, no.

But what is clear is that the BBC made a massive cock-up by sacking Jeremy Clarkson and binning him from Top Gear.

Since then we've had Chris Evans & Joey from Friends hosting a piece of shit show that has massively flopped, meanwhile Jezza's Amazon based "The Grand Tour" has gone from strength to strength.

However, in the summer The Beeb ran a short series called "Eight Go Rallying", a show which appeared like it might be fun.  In short, it's billed as a bunch of celebrity families trekking across South East Asian to Saigon.

First impressions were that it might be fun, given that the rally was part of a wider race similar to the Monte Carlo runs.  Have a breakdown and you're fucked, run out of petrol in the middle of nowhere and you're getting murdered by weirdos etc.

But it wasn't quite like that, nor was it full of celebrities.

The most known was probably Martin Kemp and his wife Shirlie (of Pepsi and Shirlie fame, no I didn't know that either) - problem is that Shirlie clearly hasn't worked since her time with Wham / George Michael in the 80's.

Then there's Noel Edmunds and his make-up artist wife.  He's clearly punching is that fella!

Next up Miquita Oliver who hasn't been seen since Channel 4's "Pop World" on a Sunday morning in the early 2000's and her mum who is apparently a "someone" but looks more like a "something".

Finally there was Tinchy Stryder and Jordan Stephens - no idea who the 2nd fella is.

So, not really a bunch of celebs as such - mostly has-beens.

The show had an element of original Top Gear specials, but that's where it ended.  Each of the cars were clearly followed by quite a large entourage (or pit crew, if you like).  In fact, out of the 4 days driving they had to do, Miquita's mum failed to finish driving the first 2, due to "tiredness" so their car got taken to the overnight stop for them whilst they took a ride in the crew car.

Hardly in the spirit of things is it?

Overall, it was an OK show, worth watching the few episodes there were if you like your TG Specials but it lacked something special really.

The BBC must be kicking themselves for sacking Clarkson, some days you just have to indulge your "celebs" when they act up!

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