Why I wear a mask for bed

Now that we've opened up pubs, cafes and restaurants there's more people about.

And this frightens me!

Those nasty COVID germs are lurking everywhere, ready to pounce on me any second.

Which is why I've started wearing a facemask for bed.  No, I don't mean one of those eye masks with a rude word on, but the same facemask I wear to go to the shops.

Just think, whilst I'm asleep at night, sometimes with my mouth open, there's all manner of nasty bugs that could fly in from outside into my mouth.  All it takes is for someone with COVID five miles away to sneeze or cough whilst in bed and I'm getting that!  Imagine if that particle of COVID travelled those five miles, through my window and into my mouth.... I'm going to be ICU on a ventilator before you can say "PFIZER BIONTECH".

It's just too much of a risk, and that's why I'm wearing a mask for bed.  I've even put one on Sebastian just in case.  Isn't he adoreable?

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