Why I'm boycotting GB News sponsors

gb news New news channel GB News launched on Sunday night and I for one am livid!

 However, it's not all doom and gloom because "Stop Funding Hate", a website and twitter account run by one man in his mum's boxroom has compiled a list of sponsors or people who advertise on the far right fascist news channel.


It's quite handy to have such a resource telling me who I should stop buying my products from and which brands to avoid because I'm not capable of thinking for myself.

I haven't even watched the channel, I'm only saying it's far right and fascist because that's what I've been told! *Titter*

So these are the companies and brands I'll stop using with immediate effect:

The National Lottery

I'll do the Post Code Lottery instead!


Virgin Media

Oh, they do provide my superfast cable internet.  I can always drop down to 20 megabits though, no worries.



Well, there's always Superdrug!


The Post Code Lottery

Oh that is a mither.



Hmm, I do love their cofee but Costa is available!



Easy, I'll go with someone else!


Weetabix and Kellogs

Oh.  Looks like it's own brand for me!



Shit, I'll have to go with Just-Eat instead.


Amazon Prime

Oh.  That is a pain.



Well, I for one will ditch my Android phone and get an iPhone instead.  I just need a search engine that can direct me towards suitable shops.


See, it's easy!  I can just stop using these well known brands and products!  They're funding hate after all.

Now I'm off to go for a Starbucks!

Shit, maybe not.


Now, where's my local Costa?  I'll just use Google Maps.... Oh, bother.


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