Halloween is bad for the environment

Have you ever noticed that Pumpkins seem to only grow just before Halloween?

Now that IS spooky!

Imagine that, a vegetable that grows only a couple of weeks of the year, ready for people to carve out the innards, throw in the bin and carve a face in the side.

Then they put candles in and and light them!  Candles that are damaging to the environment!

Why do we grow Pumpkins just for Halloween?  Why does nobody eat the insides of them?

It's so wrong, HOW DARE YOU?!

If we really want to save the planet we should grow Pumpkins all year round and eat a healthy Pumpkin stew.  People are LITERALLY starving to death when the world is throwing away good Pumpkin.

Why can't people make these lanterns out of something that we can't eat, like Fly Agaric for example!  That would be super scary!

Not only is Halloween damaging to environment with wasted food and candles, just think about the starving world when you go "Trick or Treating".

Don't take sweets for yourself, insist on canned goods like rice pudding, beans, Bacon Grill or a Fray Bentos pie.  Then give these goods to the hungry, think of Halloween as some sort of food bank.

You owe it to me, as your saviour and know-it-all.  Don't disappoint me.


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