I love a good Rag Watch and here's a classic.

Disgraced weatherman Fred Talbot drinks a pint alone a year after jail release.

This apparently is news!

I mean, it's not like he escaped from prison and was lording it up in a pub waiting for the Old Bill to go take him back to prison is it?  Nope, he's served his time, he's entitled to go to a pub (or at least when he could back int he days of Tier 1 and 2!).

I don't understand the fascination of the papers to snap pictures of disgraced stars or ex cons doing normal every day things.

The article states that Talbot was pictured in a pub, "just a mile from the school where he abused his victims" as if his next port of call was to go back to the school to have another round of hide the sausage.

It's just ridiculous isn't it?  

Meanwhile, I need to keep tabs on The Daily Express as they're utterly obsessed with god awful articles about Jeremy Clarkson and his colleagues and BBC Breakfast, especially Naga.


Richard Hammond is finding it difficult to get insurance since his fatal accident.  I mean, who wouldn't?

Direct Line don't tend to insure dead people.  I didn't even know he'd died to be honest, it wasn't on the news.  And how has he been telling people of his insurance woes, certainly not through Derek Acorah.

hammond tgt death

Ah, it turns out he's not dead and therefore not communicating with the world via a medium.  It turns out the word "near" was left out of the headline to get people to click.




ragwatch naga headline

Big headline eh! Naga walks off the BBC Breakfast show.

Ooh, must be a massive falling out?

The Express has all the details here, but why read the article when you can just look at the headline and make up your own news?

Judging by the headline it must have been serious, yes?  Just look at the FURY on Naga's face prior to walking off:

ragwatch naga picture

She could kill with that stare eh?

But don't worry, because instead of reading the shitty Express story you can actually watch what happened on the article page.

And you'll see the picture the Express used above is a deliberate attempt to take a still and make it look like something it's not.

If you even read the article it goes on to say, "Naga got up off the sofa, put her hands in her pockets and jokingly walked off camera"

So, a massive headline followed by an opening gambit of, "BBC Breakfast presenter Naga Munchetty was back this morning bringing..." even though she never left the previous day.  She walked off camera for 2 seconds at the most, clearly laughing.

You can even watch for yourself.

What a shit paper, Express.  Stick to panicking about the weather and Princess Diana.


Look at this shite from The Sun


ragwatch cummings child

Not content with piling on Cummings they've now turned to his 4 year old son.  This is fucking disgusting.

What the hell does it have to do with ANYTHING what his son's name is.  The article goes on to discuss all details of when he was born etc.

Tomorrow they'll probably print made up "news" about the kid.

It is simply not relevant to the Cummings story at all.  Please do not buy The Sun, it is pure SCUM.

gemma collins anniversary

Excellent journalism from The Scum, where Gemma Collins missed out on a chance to stuff her fat face further by missing her parents' 40th wedding anniversary.

Or was it their 42nd?

Who knows, let's hedge our bets.

Seriously, this is news?  In these times of global crisis, a fat mess of a no-mark missing out on a buffet won't do her any harm at all.