Smirking Beast

vanessa george

This is classic Red Top territory. Person who commits a crime and goes to prison, serves their time and comes out MUST NEVER EVER SMIRK, SMILE OR LAUGH ever again.

I'm not ignoring the fact this woman is a fucking evil pervert paedo, but this gets in Rag Watch purely because of the headline.

I mean, she's not even smirking there anyway.  Smirking is what teenagers do when you're telling them off, right before you give them a forearm to the face.

She's laughing there.  As Greta would say, "How dare you!"

Whenever someone greets or tells someone who's been in prison before a joke they must respond with, "I'm sorry, I am a criminal and according to the Sun I must not laugh at your joke no matter how funny it is"

It's the law.

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