Karen Matthews likes McDonalds

karen matthews likes mcdonalds

She's back!  The Daily Mail fucking love her.  Well, they love writing about her anyway.

And what's "Britain's worst mother" done this time?  Hidden another child in a bed to claim she's been abducted and get some ransom money? Murdered her child in Portugal and then claim she was abducted?

No, she's had a fucking McDonalds meal.

"Britain's worst mother Karen Matthews enjoys McDonalds takeaways" they tell us.  What a bitch!  String her up immediately!

The top headline is worse, where it claims she gets £300 a week benefits which she spends on manicures, scratch cards and Maccie D's.

It's all just too much!  I can't take it.

We should all be outraged, right?  A woman who was convicted of a crime, did her time and is currently not being a criminal spends her "dole" money on McDonalds.

Mate, so does half the town I live in.  And how often can one have a manicure?  It's not a daily occurance is it?

And £300 a week, give over!  Just plucking random numbers out your Daily Mail Arse to outrage people.

Don't get me wrong, I love exposing people.  I love giving you the hard facts but as it stands right now, all I can see is a fat ex con having some scran, which isn't a crime.

Welcome to Rag Watch, Karen Matthews.