Fred Talbot drinks a pint

I love a good Rag Watch and here's a classic.

Disgraced weatherman Fred Talbot drinks a pint alone a year after jail release.

This apparently is news!

I mean, it's not like he escaped from prison and was lording it up in a pub waiting for the Old Bill to go take him back to prison is it?  Nope, he's served his time, he's entitled to go to a pub (or at least when he could back int he days of Tier 1 and 2!).

I don't understand the fascination of the papers to snap pictures of disgraced stars or ex cons doing normal every day things.

The article states that Talbot was pictured in a pub, "just a mile from the school where he abused his victims" as if his next port of call was to go back to the school to have another round of hide the sausage.

It's just ridiculous isn't it?  

Meanwhile, I need to keep tabs on The Daily Express as they're utterly obsessed with god awful articles about Jeremy Clarkson and his colleagues and BBC Breakfast, especially Naga.