Bullish in April

Scott Markett Hi everyone, Scott here. 

 The market has been quite bullish of late.  It's had its bad days of course but there hasn't been anything as bad as what was predicted by experts following Brexit.

 So what am I keeping tabs on at the moment?  Well, obviously the COVID vaccines have seen a rise in share price for a number of companies.

 But actually, I'm keeping my eyes peeled at other areas as we look to end the COVID restrictions.


With pubs set to re-open I'd normally be looking at brewers or drinks manufacture but I'm wary of buying into them right now.  I think there's something else on the horizon that could net us a few quid.

My strong tips for April is to buy Nitrous Oxide and Rubber.  I've got my peepers on a balloon manufacturer, I reckon they're really going to inflate soon.

nox balloons

Happy Trading people, and DO YOUR OWN RESEARCH!