So, last week Dr Steve James, a consultant at King's College Hospital tackled Health Minister Sajid Jabbit over the Government mandate to sack all staff who are not vaccinated.

His argument was that having had COVID then his immune system is BETTER off having already managed to identify the virus and fend it off - it is without doubt the better option than a synthetic vaccine.

Like it or not.

But of course he's immediately classed as a "science denier" and "anti-vaxxer".

THIS is a doctor at one of the most known hospitals in the country.  He's not denying science and he's not an anti-vaxxer either, he just doesn't feel the need to have it for HIMSELF.

He's not campaigning for people NOT to have it, he's not spreading lies about the vaccine.  He simply doesn't want it, and he wants to know why Mr Jabbit thinks all NHS sstaff hould be sacked for not having it.

Cue this tweet...

nhs   rupert   sue

A tweet from Rupert Pearse, which was used to basically SUPPORT the vaccine - Not his own colleague.  The fucking traitor.

Underneath was a tweet from Sue Crocombe which was word for word apart from changing husband for wife etc.

I approached Sue and asked if there had been an edict sent down from on high to spam twitter with this stuff.

She told me it was all her own words.

Having screenshotted the above and presented her with it, she admitted she copied and pasted but she shared the same sentiment.

She also said that there was no order to make the tweet.

Imagine my surprise then when I did a search for "I am a" on twitter:

nhs   all the tweets

It's literally the same stuff...

jimmy cricket

And there's more...

nhs more tweets

It goes on and on... dozens, possibly hundreds.  Many of the tweets were gone the next day, some accounts had disappeared.

It's almost like it's a dodgy Twitter campaign.  Many of those "people" were simply bots.

A similar stunt was carried out last year in support of Boris - there were hundreds of tweets in support of him, all with the exact same wording.  Chances are it was an orchestrated attack rather than a show of support, in other words, make it look silly so it looks like Boris asked for it to happen.


Remember me asking if there had been an e-mail sent out telling people to tweet?  Well, imagine how surprised I was (clue:  I wasn't) to see this had gone out:

nhs email

Bizarrely, Our Sue tweeted this the next day - Actually seems like she's against a vaccine mandate (as everyone should be!) although she should have been in support of her colleague first:

nhs sue no mandate

Strangely the tweet was gone the next day, or at least, I couldn't find it again.


Finally, look at the state of this:

nhs unvaxxed

Joan here thinks someone who is unvaccinated is a risk to her patients.  Joan doesn't seem to realise that if Kate was COVID positive she wouldn't be at work and therefore NOT a risk to her patients.

Joan is one of those fecking idiots who thinks every unvaccinated person HAS COVID.

What I would do for people like Joan is get her to sign a waiver - she can't be treated by ANY unvaccinated person at all.  So when she needs help in the street or her house is on fire, any unvaccinated person will refuse to help her and she's got to be OK with it.

Need help desperately?  Only person available to help is unvaccinated?  Oh well, sorry Joan, I'm afraid you'll have to die instead.

One less bigot in the world.

Joan is also the type of person who will refuse to be treated by a black or asian person; co-incidentally, they're the ones MORE likely to be unvaccinated.

Bye Joan, you'll not be missed, you old trout.

This time on Social Media shitheads we have a mixture of actual shitheads and just some very naïve people.

Let's start with actual fucking shitheads and work our way down:

bed wetting murphy

Richard's piss sodden mattress can be smelt for miles, in fact, looking at his timeline he goes through several mattresses a year and has a loyalty card at Dreams Beds.

Look at the state of it though.  "At long last they got what they wanted... the virus is running riot... the NHS will fail... the bodies will pile high".


Let's address it shall we?

"... they got what they wanted" - Who's they and what did they want? (And when do they want it, Now?!)

"The virus is running riot" - If you mean Omicron is more transmissible than other Scariants then you might be right, BUT running riot?  I've not seen any virus particles toppling racist statues or looting Fresh Adidas.  I think you are wrong, young man.

"The bodies will pile high" - Well, odd, there's never been any bodies piled high during this whole farce, why start now?

"The NHS will fail" - We hear that every year and it doesn't fail, it just runs badly, like a Vauxhall Nova.

"The far right dream of crashing society..." - Strange one this, because if you look at all the people who want restrictions on people it ain't the "Far Right", it's the far wrong, I mean, Left.

So, Dicky Wet Pants, I'm sorry to say that as much of a twat Mr Johnson is, not imposing anymore restrictions was actually the right thing to do.  I'm sorry more people haven't died to make you happy.


Next slide, please.


dead at 106

I feel a bit sorry for her as she's clearly grieving BUT let's be realistic here.  Her grandad died aged 106.  Does it matter if he died from COVID, Cancer or from VD?

106 is more than a good innings, in fact, it's more than the whole England cricket team got in the entire Ashes test!  

You could guarantee that if he'd died from you know, old age being ONE HUNDRED AND FUCKING SIX YEARS OLD there wouldn't be a tweet like this.  It's ludicrous.


Next shite please...

youre vaxxed arent you

Today on "Things that never happened"....

Was in a shop earlier and someone mumbled through a mask "fhdfdhffhdjkjfhdfjshfjkhfjksdhfh".

People don't talk in shops, in fact, if you get anywhere near someone in a shop they jump a mile cos they don't want to catch that virus you don't have.

I'm afraid this doesn't even sound British.  "You look amazing, I will book mine right now"

Why?  You waited until you saw the bearded face of Mr Icy Hiccup to decide that you will get your COVID vaccination.  Oh wait, he was wearing a mask, wasn't he?  Cripes.

Nothing says bullshit like you pretending you've influenced someone to get an injection whilst strutting round Aldi.


And the last entry into the Shithead Cup comes this whopper:

they want the vaccine

Starts off all good.  A doctor saying good doctory type things.  Then some gimp replies with some hogwash.

"Yes!  We got COVID a few days ago... very mild symptoms..."

Well yes, could be Omicron you know.  It could be the vaccine that's helped or not.  We really don't know.  Anyway, benefit of the doubt and that.  Bless you.

Oh wait!  Because now you have friends (of course you do) who are unvaccinated and got sick and they want to get the vaccine!  

But there's more!  One of your friends told you she didn't think she was going to make it!  Only 36 and healthy eh?

When did she tell you she didn't think she'd make it?  Was this in her hospital bed?  Or was it when you MADE IT UP IN YOUR HEAD BECAUSE IT'S BOLLOCKS?

I mean, really, what utter shite.


These next ones are not shitheads, they are just are naïve; not quite bed wetters just brainwashed a little... or a lot.


First up a guy on Telegram:

omicron 1

"Got COVID... Just feels like a bad cold."  

Could it be, because IT IS A BAD COLD? 

He gets a response:

omicron 2

"I had it week before last... no symptoms... just a slight cold"


What the fuck people?  What's with people wanting to actually be ill with COVID?  It's like people want the "I got COVID and I was in ICU on a Venty" T-Shirt.

Shouldn't you be happy that your brush with the 'VID is the mildest of symptoms?  Like a bad cold you'd normally get this time of year anyway?

Stop with wanting to be a victim.


And finally, this is a personal friend of mine - she's not a bed wetter, she's a real down to earth type.  A nurse who had COVID "back in the day" - April / May 2020.

She's triple jabbed:

omicron 3

She wasn't unwell at all.  She just tested positive, as did her eldest son and other half.

Not exactly round 2, just one of those things.


Thought you'd seen it all?

Not yet you haven't.


weather tards

Desley (fucking stupid name) is really surprised that it rains and storms the same months each year.

The 2nd reply gives hope, from someone called Dick.... "Weather patterns".

Ah, that should sort it then.


Desley is convinced there's something more sinister afoot, he ain't taking a natural weather pattern answer for shit.

No sir.

He mentions cloud seeding.  I had to look it up, seems it's a thing.  Doesn't sound too evil and according to the DECC it doesn't happen in the UK at all.

But then Jamie the Dick concedes to old Dessers that it's been going on for years, therefore buying into the conspiracy theories.

What are these people on?

IS it really a conspiracy that it rains or snows or whatever during the same months? Jesus wept.

How these people manage to get dressed amazes me.  

Better get our very own John Spiracy on the case, eh dear reader!

sean thick bastard

This is Sean.  I had to check this guy wasn't a really bad parody account.  It turns out he's just a bit thick, or tick as he might say.

To be sure.

Sean doesn't seem to understand that if mandatory vaccination was brought in, and every single person in the world was vaccinated against COVID that when people still continue to catch COVID (albeit in it's now new weaker and easier to manage form) that he won't be able to blame unvaccinated people.

What a dick.

And if everybody was vaccinated and everybody still continued to catch it, then the vaccine isn't doing a particularly sterling job is it?

Surely nobody can be this much of a tit?

Undercover reporter Ankh has been a busy little sausage in recent weeks and sends word of some very special idiots on that there Facebook:

vaccine idiots 1

"Has anyone noticed the injected [those who have been vaccinated] are acting very aggressive...."

Ah so that's ANOTHER side effect of the vaccines is it?  Aggression.  Funny, not heard of that one.

The tard then goes to on state, "Could it be they realise they've been tricked..."

It's funny that this person has spotted this strange side effect only in people they know.  I think I can categorically state right now, the reason why people you know are aggressive is


I love the reply too, "Just got email saying magnets stick to jab sight [sic]"

First up you can't fucking spell, and secondly you're believing an e-mail you received from someone who, chances are, is a bit of a bell end like yourself.  Not even prepared to do some research, just straight up believing something right off the bat.




vaccine idiots 2

Ah.. Has anyone noticed personality changes after dancing with Maxine!

Well, this is funny.  Because the anti vaxxers have started calling the vaccine, Maxine.  Which very much pleases our own Maxine...

And it also makes us world leaders in comedy.  Or something.

And the reply...!

This is the story of the woman who tried to strangle her Uber driver. There is no mention of a recent vaccination.  You'll also NOT be surprised to hear the woman was DRUNK.

Well I never did.


vaccine idiots 3

Here's a woman who has come out in a rash after using a makeup product.

Straight off the bat Denise enquires about being around someone who's had the vaccination!  We've reached the stage now where they're not even claiming it as a side effect of having the vaccine but just being around someone that's had it!

Lauryn is what we can only describe as a "Conspiritard" (Thanks Ankh), naturally she's seen it all before.  Despite being about 18 and thick as shit.


These people are utter loons.  Everything that happens to someone now has to be a side effect of the jab.  Did people not get allergic reactions to medication before?!

It won't be long before hangovers will be blamed on the jab, "Ever since I danced with Maxine I've had terrible headaches after drinking half a bottle of gin"

Don't know about Maxine, but ever since I danced with Tracey I've had this terrible rash....