Facebook's new algorithm

Check ths shit out.

facebook fuckwitt dwindled

Firstly, the first line makes no sense:

"Been wondering why I have a dwindled down to a small circle seeing my posts!"


So, you're saying that not many people are seeing your posts then?  How would you know that?  You wouldn't.

But wait, because you've a "tip" to "circumvent" Facebook's new algorithm.  Go on, tell me more about this new algorithm.  I mean, you're hardly a computer scientist, in fact I think you're a hair dresser but crack on, tell me more.

This new algorithm picks the same 25 people who will see your posts.  OK.  Yep, sounds legit.  In fact, maybe people just aren't interacting with you because you're a boring twat?  Or you're a bit needy with your "Fewming!" posts.

Wait for that "U OK Hun?" inbox message.

So, to circumvent this what do you do?

Ohhh, you copy the text and paste it in your own "What's on your mind?" field.  Which then updates your status to that same piece of text.

Well, isn't that clever, you gulluible twat.

In fact, I don't think it's worked because there's one less person reading your inane shit now, I've just unfriended you for being a dickhead.

Really, how are people so fucking thick?


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