Jonathan Morgan - 5G'er

Over on Facebook there's a massive bell end who goes by the name of Jonathan Morgan.

Jonathan's a bit dangerous.  Probably needs a hard drive check too, if I'm honest.

And why is he so dangerous?  Because he's a 5G'er.  One of those cocks who seriously believes that 5G is to blame for all our COVID woes, along with plenty other symptoms.

Look at this nonsense:

FF JM 5G 01

It's funny how only his "mates" or dumb arse followers are the only ones who seem to be affected by this.

Surely, if 5G was so bad the people working on it in the first place would have been affected, no?

Surely it wouldn't have got past testing?

It wouldn't, and don't call be Shirely.

If it had these kind of effects wouldn't it affect EVERYONE in the area?  It's strange how it only seems to affect certain people.  Like nutters, for example.

It's like there being a nuclear explosion in a big city but only 20 people complaining their face is melting off or their hair is falling out.

Chernobyl affected everyone in the area, not just Nikolai and his friends down the estate.

I also find it very strange that people seem to be complaining of symptoms when they don't even have 5G in their area.  

Hmm that must be some super strength shit.  Or you're what some doctors might refer to as, "a fucking liar".

Meanwhile, Morgan must be the surname for bedwetting bullshitters because here comes Timothy to add his two-penneth of bollocks:

FF JM 5G 02

Flu like symptoms in peak flu season?  Well, glory be!

Ah, but it went away as soon as you turned off your wifi and mobile data?

That is odd.  Because 5G is only for mobile data.

You do know that your 5G Wifi at home means 5 Gigahertz, right, while the 5G you're wetting your dress about means "Fifth Generation", which typically runs around 28 Gigahertz upwards?

Oh, you didn't know that?  You just saw 5G and pissed in your panties?  Move along Timothy you stupid crank.

Strange how this "Electro Smart App" went green when Wifi and data is off.  An app that analyzes radio frequencies using the phone... Right.  It's a bit like saying, "I've not been able to listen to Radio 5 Live on my DAB since I switched my DAB off".

And if you didn't think people like Jonathan were bad enough, here he is telling someone whose friend died of COVID that she definitely didn't die of that and would absolutely have been something else.  Essentially he's calling someone a liar and has the audacity to ask "Hope you're OK".

What a fucking cunt.

FF JM 5G 03

COVID has been mismanaged the world over, but for people like this to claim it's not real or that it's actually 5G - they need seeing to.  Please don't listen to people like this, most of them are out to gain followers and earn money from it.  Some of them don't even believe what they're spouting, like some American Evangelist.  But there are some who genuinely believe what they say.  They have no hard evidence whatsoever and when confronted with the truth try to discredit those who confront them.

Here at the Monkey, we tell it straight.  We might exaggerate sometimes, we might get it wrong sometimes too, but we always challenge those we believe are talking shit.  This guy is 100% talking out his arse.

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