The Vaccine Idiots

Undercover reporter Ankh has been a busy little sausage in recent weeks and sends word of some very special idiots on that there Facebook:

vaccine idiots 1

"Has anyone noticed the injected [those who have been vaccinated] are acting very aggressive...."

Ah so that's ANOTHER side effect of the vaccines is it?  Aggression.  Funny, not heard of that one.

The tard then goes to on state, "Could it be they realise they've been tricked..."

It's funny that this person has spotted this strange side effect only in people they know.  I think I can categorically state right now, the reason why people you know are aggressive is


I love the reply too, "Just got email saying magnets stick to jab sight [sic]"

First up you can't fucking spell, and secondly you're believing an e-mail you received from someone who, chances are, is a bit of a bell end like yourself.  Not even prepared to do some research, just straight up believing something right off the bat.




vaccine idiots 2

Ah.. Has anyone noticed personality changes after dancing with Maxine!

Well, this is funny.  Because the anti vaxxers have started calling the vaccine, Maxine.  Which very much pleases our own Maxine...

And it also makes us world leaders in comedy.  Or something.

And the reply...!

This is the story of the woman who tried to strangle her Uber driver. There is no mention of a recent vaccination.  You'll also NOT be surprised to hear the woman was DRUNK.

Well I never did.


vaccine idiots 3

Here's a woman who has come out in a rash after using a makeup product.

Straight off the bat Denise enquires about being around someone who's had the vaccination!  We've reached the stage now where they're not even claiming it as a side effect of having the vaccine but just being around someone that's had it!

Lauryn is what we can only describe as a "Conspiritard" (Thanks Ankh), naturally she's seen it all before.  Despite being about 18 and thick as shit.


These people are utter loons.  Everything that happens to someone now has to be a side effect of the jab.  Did people not get allergic reactions to medication before?!

It won't be long before hangovers will be blamed on the jab, "Ever since I danced with Maxine I've had terrible headaches after drinking half a bottle of gin"

Don't know about Maxine, but ever since I danced with Tracey I've had this terrible rash....

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