We're all going to die, why haven't I died from COVID yet?

This time on Social Media shitheads we have a mixture of actual shitheads and just some very naïve people.

Let's start with actual fucking shitheads and work our way down:

bed wetting murphy

Richard's piss sodden mattress can be smelt for miles, in fact, looking at his timeline he goes through several mattresses a year and has a loyalty card at Dreams Beds.

Look at the state of it though.  "At long last they got what they wanted... the virus is running riot... the NHS will fail... the bodies will pile high".


Let's address it shall we?

"... they got what they wanted" - Who's they and what did they want? (And when do they want it, Now?!)

"The virus is running riot" - If you mean Omicron is more transmissible than other Scariants then you might be right, BUT running riot?  I've not seen any virus particles toppling racist statues or looting Fresh Adidas.  I think you are wrong, young man.

"The bodies will pile high" - Well, odd, there's never been any bodies piled high during this whole farce, why start now?

"The NHS will fail" - We hear that every year and it doesn't fail, it just runs badly, like a Vauxhall Nova.

"The far right dream of crashing society..." - Strange one this, because if you look at all the people who want restrictions on people it ain't the "Far Right", it's the far wrong, I mean, Left.

So, Dicky Wet Pants, I'm sorry to say that as much of a twat Mr Johnson is, not imposing anymore restrictions was actually the right thing to do.  I'm sorry more people haven't died to make you happy.


Next slide, please.


dead at 106

I feel a bit sorry for her as she's clearly grieving BUT let's be realistic here.  Her grandad died aged 106.  Does it matter if he died from COVID, Cancer or from VD?

106 is more than a good innings, in fact, it's more than the whole England cricket team got in the entire Ashes test!  

You could guarantee that if he'd died from you know, old age being ONE HUNDRED AND FUCKING SIX YEARS OLD there wouldn't be a tweet like this.  It's ludicrous.


Next shite please...

youre vaxxed arent you

Today on "Things that never happened"....

Was in a shop earlier and someone mumbled through a mask "fhdfdhffhdjkjfhdfjshfjkhfjksdhfh".

People don't talk in shops, in fact, if you get anywhere near someone in a shop they jump a mile cos they don't want to catch that virus you don't have.

I'm afraid this doesn't even sound British.  "You look amazing, I will book mine right now"

Why?  You waited until you saw the bearded face of Mr Icy Hiccup to decide that you will get your COVID vaccination.  Oh wait, he was wearing a mask, wasn't he?  Cripes.

Nothing says bullshit like you pretending you've influenced someone to get an injection whilst strutting round Aldi.


And the last entry into the Shithead Cup comes this whopper:

they want the vaccine

Starts off all good.  A doctor saying good doctory type things.  Then some gimp replies with some hogwash.

"Yes!  We got COVID a few days ago... very mild symptoms..."

Well yes, could be Omicron you know.  It could be the vaccine that's helped or not.  We really don't know.  Anyway, benefit of the doubt and that.  Bless you.

Oh wait!  Because now you have friends (of course you do) who are unvaccinated and got sick and they want to get the vaccine!  

But there's more!  One of your friends told you she didn't think she was going to make it!  Only 36 and healthy eh?

When did she tell you she didn't think she'd make it?  Was this in her hospital bed?  Or was it when you MADE IT UP IN YOUR HEAD BECAUSE IT'S BOLLOCKS?

I mean, really, what utter shite.


These next ones are not shitheads, they are just are naïve; not quite bed wetters just brainwashed a little... or a lot.


First up a guy on Telegram:

omicron 1

"Got COVID... Just feels like a bad cold."  

Could it be, because IT IS A BAD COLD? 

He gets a response:

omicron 2

"I had it week before last... no symptoms... just a slight cold"


What the fuck people?  What's with people wanting to actually be ill with COVID?  It's like people want the "I got COVID and I was in ICU on a Venty" T-Shirt.

Shouldn't you be happy that your brush with the 'VID is the mildest of symptoms?  Like a bad cold you'd normally get this time of year anyway?

Stop with wanting to be a victim.


And finally, this is a personal friend of mine - she's not a bed wetter, she's a real down to earth type.  A nurse who had COVID "back in the day" - April / May 2020.

She's triple jabbed:

omicron 3

She wasn't unwell at all.  She just tested positive, as did her eldest son and other half.

Not exactly round 2, just one of those things.