It's not actually a Facebooker this time, no it's a comment on a News site, what Dave Gorman might refer to as "The bottom half of the internet".

So, the other week Phil Collins was looking a bit ropey.

I'll not lie, I did make use of my Celebrity Death List Wildcard for 2017 but thankfully I didn't need it.

Phil's been ill of late, and he had a nasty fall a few months ago too.

So when his latest bout of illness rendered him hospitalised this classic comment was left on the article:

That's right, Phil resembles an old man (which he is) singing along to a duke box.

I'm not sure what a Duke Box is, I think it's what Prince Phillip goes in at Royal Ascot.

Fucking duke box though.  What a prannock.


Following the Manchester bomb, this absolute arsehole posted this on Facebook.  Normally I blank out the names, not today, this cunt needs outing:

Magnus honestly believes that our army goes into other countries and rapes "there" (sic) women and kills their children.

Really?  I don't recall any specific military edict coming through that tells our brave soldiers, who are paid fuck all to protect their country, to rape women and kill kids.  Nope, none.

Depleted uranium everywhere.  Just where, exactly?  

ISIS is made up of UK and US mercenaries.  He doesn't even know the meaning of the word, but last time I checked, ISIS was made up of insurgents from the natives countries as well as those from other Arab nations.  Iraq and Syria is rife with it, it's not white Brits going out there to join up, you absolute fucking clown.

When did the Police start shooting people?  Oh, that's right, NEVER.

Fortunately someone steps in to take him slightly to task until some dumbass tosser who comes from Peru and lives in America chimes in.  Apparently there is a grand game being played, he doesn't tell us what the game is, so I'm guessing he's, well... guessing.  Thousands of teenagers with camera phones didn't take a picture of the bomb going off, no I suspect they were too busy pissing their knickers and trying to get out, finding their parents and friends etc.  You know, priorities and all that.

I've seen a few people claiming the event didn't occur and it was actually a hoax.  One dickhead went as far to claim it was Ariana Grande who was in on it to claim the insurance!  

The same idiot also claimed it was a drill, and the people who purported to be injured were crisis actors!

I know someone who was on duty that evening as a paramedic and it was very fucking real.  They weren't cleaning up fake blood, they can assure you.

What are these people smoking?  They've released pictures of kids who were missing, kids who are now DEAD.  I suppose this idiot thinks the kid will have a few days off school, then go back in.  The answer to the question, "We thought you were dead", to be "Nah, was just bantz, wannit man".

These ridiculous claims are downright disrespectful to parents who lost kids at what should have been a safe pop concert.

Over on Facebook, knobhead group "We demand" (a shrubbery) ran this:

Yes, that's right.  Do not vote Tory because the Prime Minister is wearing shoes on TV.

How dare she, eh?  She should have to go on TV barefoot like Sandie Shaw, right?!  Right on.

I'm not going to get into the whole "Nurses eating out food banks" thing because that's a story for another day.  The point being that someone thinks we should not vote Tory because the PM went on TV in diamond studded heels.

Fortunately someone with a bit of sense chimes in:

"I'm sure they're not real".

Which they probably aren't, but in order to maintain the balance in favour of Libtards, We Demand decides that May is "a little too old to be wearing footwear like that".

Ah right.  I was going to vote Tory until you told me that.

Does it really fucking matter what she's wearing? Do you really think she's lording it up on "The One Show"?  The fucking One Show for god's sake!

And what if the shoes really ARE real diamonds, eh?  If she's paid for them herself and not claimed it on expenses then she can buy what she wants.

This whole thing smacks of entitlement from Millennials.

"Oh how dare she wear something I can't afford!"

 Next you'll be suggesting that you can't be PM unless you eat from food banks, and look like this:

Is this where we are heading now?  If you don't look like some utter scuffer then you can't represent the people?

Do you really want some scruffy cunt running the country?  Imagine Trampy McTrampface (above) meeting world leaders dressed like this.

Is this really the level we're at?  The sense of entitlement is overwhelming, and frankly damn right stupid.


This was posted on Facebook on the 17th April, by the same dimwit who has posted the majority of the other Facebook clone messages.

Again, "almost every"  is used, which I'm not sure is even Queen's English.  Shouldn't it be "almost all", which Dimwit has used before.

Then again on the 24th Dimwit posted the following:

"I believe", which means "I have no idea but I'll post it anyway" that accounts are being duplicated at an "alarming rate".

Alarming rate?  Given I have never come across anyone this has happened to I'd say it's about as alarming as a broken alarm.

When will these people ever learn?  Copy and pasting utter bullshit on their pages without even thinking.

The funny bit is that Dimwit seems that think that anyone actually gives a shit about her profile being "duplicated" or "hacked" or "cloned", as if she's got so many friends and is so great that we should all be on the lookout for a new friend request from her.

I didn't fucking want the first one, let alone a second.

And surely this "hoax" is just set up by someone who wants to send nasty messages to their mates whilst pissed, but then claiming it wasn't them and that they were hacked or cloned or whatevs.


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