More idiots believing everything they see copied on Facebook.

This time it's about being charged from "this summer", despite the fact we're already in summer - not that you'd know due to the weather.

One user copied this to her Facebook status:

Just WHAT was signed at 10:33?  Just WHAT was "passed on TV"?

So, copying something to your own Wall will turn an icon blue.  Really?  How then?

And that means Facebook will be free?  Oh goody!

If I don't do it my icon will be deleted?  The icon that's a graphic and doesn't really exist?

I think I'll live.

Several days later the SAME user posted this to her Facebook status:

So, you don't think it's genuine?  Given you posted practically the same thing a few days previously and nothing has happened, including your icon still not turning blue you thought you'd have another go?

Ah but it's proper official this time.  Something that nobody knows what was signed at 12:20, even though it was signed at 10:33 days earlier.

And it's been on TV again, but no fucker has seen it, still.


Do you not think that if Facebook were EVER to start charging, which they have stated several times that they never will do because they earn their money from advertising and selling all our private data to Theresa May and Derek Obama then it would be on the news?  News that we all would see, not just some fictional site?

Do you not think Facebook would contact their OWN members first?  Would they not make things appear on your timeline automatically like other announcements?

Oh, right, you get it now?


Ah, we're not being hacked anymore, we're being cloned. But that's OK, because it's "almost all".

That's 80% in my book.  These "pirates", whoever they are are spending their time trying to clone our accounts so they can send nasty messages to our mates,
passing them off as being from us.  Yeah, of course.  Just how MANY "pirates" would that take?  As if you're that important, you cock.

And why are they "pirates"?  Pirates are people who copy music, games, films and software.

At best I'd refer to them as "hackers" but more importantly I'd refer to them as "non-existent".


And finally, this beauty:

Everything you've ever posted becomes public from tomorrow?  Everything? Oh.

Even stuff that's deleted.  But don't worry because Channel 13 news, whoever they are have told us all about it.

They say if I write some shite on my wall that says "Facebook can't have my stupid selfies where I look like a duck" then they still belong to me!

A quick Google (you might have heard of it) shows up an immediate set of hoax sites.  

In fact, some of them date back to 2012.  Not quite "from tomorrow" then is it?

And you know what?  You typing something on your wall or status means sod all.

If and when Facebook DO change their terms and conditions, as they have done before then you automatically fall into it.  You don't have to agree to it, or opt out.

If you don't want to agree to it then you close your account, it's as simple as that.

You know when you install software and it asks if you agree to the T's and C's?  Ever clicked No to them?  Then you'll know it doesn't continue the install.

Once again, if Facebook were changing their terms they would contact us all first, not Channel fucking 13 News and leave it them to disseminate to the rest of the world.



poland day.  dickhead.

 So there’s this idiot who is mad as hell that their child wasn’t able to go to school last Thursday because it was closed to celebrate  “Poland Day”.

 And all this idiot’s friends pitched in to say how disgusting it was the school is closed and they don’t even get St George’s Day off.

 And what a joke this country is. 

To be fair, it is pretty messed up, I mean who the fuck names their kid "Aaliyah" anyway?  It sounds like a fucking sneeze.

Fortunately, someone with a brain spots the potential problem.

 The school wasn’t closed for Poland Day after all, it was POLLING DAY.

 Let’s hope Julie and her friends are unable to vote, eh?

 The absolute twat-fest.

So I've seen this a few times on Facebook recently:

I am giving everyone a heads up. . . . . Almost all Facebook accounts are being hacked. The profile picture and your name are used to create a new Facebook account. Then they want all of your friends to re-add you as a friend...and voila, they try ruin your life! Your friends think it's your account and accept. From this moment, the pirates can write what They want under your name !! ..... I want you to know I have NO plans to open a new account, so please do not agree to the 2nd invitation from me !! Copy this message on your wall so all of your friends will be warned! Do not forward or press share. Hold your thumb down on the text until the word "copy" appears, then paste it to your wall.


Where to start?

"Almost all Facebook accounts".

Really?  Almost all must be what, somewhere between 75 and 95%?

So over three-quarters of the worlds Facebook accounts are being hacked are they?

I don't think so.

Your name and picture is used to create a new account?  How do they get your picture if your privacy settings are set as tight a a nuns chuff?

They go to all that trouble to add your friends and then the "pirates" write what they want under your name.



People that copy games, films, music etc are pirates.

People that supposedly create a new Facebook account so they can add your mates and then pretend to talk shit about them thus getting you into big trub can be described as:

  1. Bored kids
  2. You getting drunk or hormonal and forgetting what you've done OR

I'll let you decide.

fort mcmurray

While the fires rage on in Fort McMurray, causing absolute devastation for the inhabitants of the land, there’s this major codpiece who thinks it should continue to burn because it’s the oil companies fault.

Yes, that’s right, you absolute weapon – the oil companies started the fire.

I have it on good authority it was Billy Joel to be honest.

What a monstrous dong this guy is.

Does he not understand how much we NEED the oil companies?  As much as we might dislike them for the power they hold over the world they are still a necessary part of life.

I assume this shite-for-brains doesn’t run a car or have any form of heating or electricity in his house?

Yes, the oil companies are forcing us to keep using their product.

Yes, they WILL have to invest in other fuels as time goes by as their product won’t last forever.

But until that time, stop blaming them for a fire they have nothing to do with, you crayon eating spastic.

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