Welcome to Facebook Fuckwitt Corner, our first foray into the murky world of Facebook Idiots.

I noticed a new icon on Facebook the other day called “Live Map”, having not added this “app” myself I had a look to see what it was.

Turns out it’s a map of people who are “streaming” live on Facebook.

When I say “streaming” I don’t mean they’re having a piss or publicly suffering from an STI, I mean they’re actually broadcasting themselves live on Facebook.

Being inquisitive I had a poke around and found a few people, nothing of interest really until I stumbled across this melt from Nottinghamshire.

He looks like  Macauley Culkin before he shared a bed with Michael Jackson.

Do these kids actually think they’re cool?  The absolute state of this ass-hat.

Speaking of hats, his hat is the best bit, bet he only wears it in his bedroom when his mum’s not around.

The only pussy, money and weed this cock-womble has ever seen is this: 


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