The Unvaccinated are a lower class people

As an upper class person myself, naturally I've had 3 of the COVID jabs.  I'm doing my bit to help society, and I expect something back in return.

That's why I firmly believe people who are unvaccinated shouldn't be allowed out in public.  That's right, they shouldn't be allowed down the pub, in restaurants or the library.

However, I do believe they do serve us a purpose.  I'm happy for them to deliver my Amazon parcels because I'm too posh to shop down the high street with the great unwashed.  They can quite happily cook my meals and deliver them to me as well - you know, from Just Eat and Uber Eats.  I'm happy for the unvaccinated to be around me then, just as long as they are masked and maintain a 5 metre distance.

Oh, did I say unvaccinated people?  Sorry!  I got confused, I meant blacks.